Creating new working locations

Whether your team is nomad working, flexibly working or fully remote, here’s how you can use working locations to reflect this!

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With working locations admins and super admins can create default working locations (separate to offices) and assign team members to their regular place of work. Team members can then log their temporary locations to let the rest of the team know where they will be working from, when it differs from their default.

For instance if your company is fully remote, you can create a “Home” location and set it as each team member’s default location. If a team member is temporarily working abroad, you can then name a location “Abroad” or specify by city (eg. Paris, Milan, Lisbon) and team member(s) can set this as their temporary working location.

To create a new working location:

  1. Expand Company from the side navigation

  2. Click on Locations & Offices

  3. On the working locations tab select “Add location”

  4. Name your location

  5. Confirm by clicking “Create location”

Now your new locations are ready to go!


Can I delete a location?

At the moment you can’t delete working locations that have been created. We’re working on bringing this to you soon!

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