Who's working and from where?

Whether you're interested in fire safety or want to see your team's working locations, roll call will let you see where everyone is!

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Need to see where members of your team are working from today? Want to quickly see who is off on holiday or sick? You can see this at a glance on your dashboard or in more detail on your who's working page.

You can easily access your who's working page one of two ways:

  1. Clicking on 'Who's Working' at the top of your your homepage

  2. Expanding Time on the left navigation -> who's working

You can also see who's working and where they will be working from for any given day. All you need to do is:

  1. Click on "change date" in the top right

  2. Select the date that you would like to see who is working and where they are working from

  3. Then click "update" to confirm

Check out these articles if you need help creating a new working location or setting a temporary working location if you are working from somewhere that's different than your default location.

Wondering why certain people may be missing?

Only team members who have a start date that's in the past and aren't archived will show up on the page. This is to prevent new starters who haven't started yet or people who have left your company from appearing.

If there are people missing that you'd expect to see, check that you've set their start date in the 'details' tab of their profile.

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