Note: Our Diversity reporting tool is currently available to HR Advice customers

Once diversity information collection is enabled within your account, a form will appear on the Personal Details tab of their profile, allowing them to on 14 aspects of diversity.

In Charlie, It's not possible to enable or disable reporting of specific categories. This is because asking team members to provide information on only some aspects of diversity may give the impression these are more important than others. It's also impossible to know which aspects of diversity are most relevant for your company to focus on until you've gathered data on where you are to begin with.

Note: Choosing to initially focus your company’s efforts to improve representation on one or two demographic categories is absolutely fine. It would be ineffective to implement effective strategies across the board simultaneously. Focusing allows you to choose the most impactful changes to improve representation in your company.

Visible and invisible diversity

There are characteristics of diversity that tend to be more visible and outward facing: gender and ethnicity. Diversity can also exist in a number of less visible ways that are equally important, but hard to spot unless you ask. It’s arguably even more important to gather information on these aspects of diversity, as you are less likely to be aware of them otherwise.

The Equalities Act 2010:

In the UK, the The Equality Act 2010 offers legal protection from discrimination in the workplace. Under the act, there are nine protected characteristics:

  • age

  • disability

  • gender reassignment

  • marriage and civil partnership

  • pregnancy and maternity

  • race

  • religion or belief

  • sex

  • sexual orientation

Some companies may choose to focus their diversity reporting on these characteristics. These are important aspects of diversity to focus on, and are vital to ensure you are not at legal risk from potentially discriminatory policies or processes.

However, at Charlie we want to go one step further and allow you to not only be legally compliant but also collect all aspects of diversity, including those important characteristics not included within the act.

Diversity categories and questions

The set of categories that each team member will be able to add information for are as follows (every category is multiple choice and includes the option "prefer not to say"):







Sexual Orientation

Marriage and Civil partnership

Parental Status

Pregnancy and Maternity

Caring Responsibilities

Religion or Belief

Education Level

Socioeconomic Background

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