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You now have the ability to send out all your poll questions at once in CharlieHR

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Super admins and admins now have the option to send out all their poll questions at once when launching a poll.

When you create a new poll, whether custom or from a template you will be given the following choices for how frequently to run the questions in the poll: As a micro poll, one question per week, or all the questions sent at once.

How to set the frequency of a new poll:

  1. Expand the 'Company' Section on the lefthand side navigation and click on Polls

  2. Select 'Run A New Poll' (Never run a poll before? Click here)

  3. Follow the set up steps to create your new poll

  4. On the Launch Set Up page

    1. Select a 'Launch Date'

    2. Select a 'Frequency'

  5. Finish the set up steps

  6. Review your poll

  7. Click Launch!

Questions are sent out at 3pm on the day you selected to launch the poll. Any polls set up for same day launch but after 3pm will be launched the next day.

The team member will have the choice to answer the questions from the email (if a micro poll) or in app. If there is more than one question the email will include a link to Charlie where they will be able to answer all the questions at once.

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