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Customisable Engagement Polls in Charlie
Customisable Engagement Polls in Charlie

You can now create custom questions for your engagement polls in Charlie.

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You now have the option to create custom questions using Charlie's new Custom Polls option in our Polls and Surveys feature!

Note: Only Super Admins and Admins can create polls.

Custom polls will run the same way as Charlie's own engagement polls. Need a refresher before creating your own custom poll? You can read more about engagement polls here!

Ready to create your own custom poll?

Follow these steps:

  • Expand Company on the lefthand side

  • Select 'Polls and Surveys'

  • Select 'Run a new poll'

  • Select 'Custom poll' template

  • Type in the name of your custom poll

  • You can start typing up your questions!

    • Note- Add in as many questions as you like, however we would recommend keeping your poll to around 6 questions for best results.

    • You can also sort and edit your questions into an order of your choosing.

  • Once you have completed adding your questions and are happy with the order you can then input the launch date

    • You also have the option of sending out reminder emails to your team members who haven't responded to the poll 3 days after the question was originally sent out.

  • You can select to launch a micro poll (one question will be sent out weekly for the duration of the poll, read more about micro polls here) OR you can choose to send out all your questions at once!

  • You are then able to type a message that will be sent within the launch email to your team.

    • Let your team members know why you are running this poll, what information you are hoping to gather, how this information will be used to your team members etc.

  • Review your poll

    • Poll Name

    • List of Questions

    • Launch date

    • Frequency of questions

    • Duration of Poll (one question is sent out a week-read about why we run micro polls here)

    • Your email message

Click Launch!

Your team will then receive the launch email and first question if micro poll, or all the questions on the selected date!

Once 25% or more of the team have responded the results will be clearly displayed.

They are able to respond to the poll directly in the email or within their Charlie account on the Polls and Survey page.


  • Can I send out all our questions at once?

    • You can! Just make sure to click 'all at once' on the Launch page during set up.

  • Can I turn off a poll once it's live?

    • Yes, you can 'Pause' a poll at any time if you want to take a break or stop a poll after it's launched.

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