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Engagement Polls in Charlie
Engagement Polls in Charlie

Understand how and why you can use polls in Charlie to understand your team

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You can run engagement polls in Charlie to get feedback from your team on anything from their perspective on growth opportunities, your companies leadership, mental wellbeing and more.

The Engagement polls in Charlie can be run as 'Micro-Polls' or you can send all your questions out at once.


How to send a poll in Charlie:

  1. Expand the Company Section on the lefthand side navigation

  2. Click on Polls and Surveys

  3. Click on 'Run A New Poll'

  4. Select from one of our seven pre-loaded options. Each contains a set of questions backed by research that are designed to get the most informative responses from your team OR click on Custom poll to create your own poll from scratch.

  5. Deselect any questions you would like to exclude from your survey, then click next or input your own questions in a custom poll

  6. Add a launch date, frequency of questions and an optional introductory message giving context to your team

  7. Once you're happy with all your settings, click Launch Poll

Your Poll results:

You will start to see poll results as soon as 25% of the team have answered each question:

Note: If a certain question within your survey doesn't hit that 25% threshold, you won't be able to see the results in order to maintain anonymity


Can I set my own questions?

You can! Check out this article on How to create Customisable polls!

Can I send all the questions at once?
Yes, if you do not want to run a micro poll, you have the option to send all your questions at once on the launch date. Check out this article on Poll Frequency.

Can I download my results?

Yes! Check out this article on how to manage and export your poll results.

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