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Add a Hyperlink to a checklist task
Add a Hyperlink to a checklist task
Easily input a URL into a checklist task
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Note: Only admins or super admins are able to do this.

Need team members to view a training video during their onboarding or perhaps buy a laptop for a new starter? Easily add hyperlinks to your Charlie checklists!

To add a link to a checklist task:

  1. Go to the Grow tab on the lefthand side

  2. Click on Checklists

  3. Select the Checklist template you are wanting to add the task to

  4. Click 'New Task'

  5. When inputing the task enter the text you want displayed in [ ] and the URL in ( )

    • [Buy a Computer](

      • Make sure there is no space between the [ ] and ( )!

  6. Hit save and you're done!

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