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How to assign a checklist task to a team member
How to assign a checklist task to a team member
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Checklists are a great way of managing any kind of internal process, such as on-boarding or off-boarding team members.

There may be times when you need to delegate tasks to specific people, for example if the CEO needs to take a new starter out for a coffee or your head of IT always orders laptops for new starters. You can do this by creating a task and assigning an 'owner'.

To assign a task to an owner:

  1. Open a checklist template or start a new checklist

  2. Select 'New Task'

  3. Using the drop-down menu, select which team member should own this task

  4. Save task

  5. Once the checklist has been applied to someone's profile, the team member you assigned to the task will receive a notification email at 9am the following day.

    Note: If the team member completes the task on the same day as the checklist task has been assigned they will not receive the notification email the following day.

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