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How One-to-Ones Work

Using one-to-ones to create and resolve shared talking points

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Note: Our One to Ones feature is available through our Charlie Plus subscription.

Our HR experts agree that 1:1s offer the best opportunity for line managers and team members to give and receive feedback, build trust and meet with a purpose.

Creating a space for line managers and team members to feel comfortable discussing the issues and concerns on their mind ensures that they are working towards common and individual goals – at work, and otherwise.

Exploring Our Advice

From topics around job clarity, personal development to giving and getting feedback, our advice has been carefully crafted by leaders and managers in Charlie’s community to allow you to have more impactful conversations.

Creating Talking Points

Charlie’s new One-to-One tool encourages team members to own their 1:1s by empowering them to bring up topics that are important to them and giving them expert HR guidance on how to discuss some more difficult concerns.

Click the add button to create a new talking point. You can add up to 10 unresolved talking points which can be edited or deleted by using the dropdown found on each saved item.

Sharing Talking Points

When you’re ready you can share your current talking points with your line manager. This can be done individually, as and when you write them, or as a list when you are done.

When you click the share button you will be given a summary of unresolved talking points to be shared. Following confirmation you can continue adding talking points progressively before your next meeting.

Your talking points are private until shared, and each share is accrued onto a list so your manager will have the latest batch excluding those that have been deleted or resolved.

Resolving Talking Points

When you have discussed a talking point and actioned a plan towards progress, resolve a talking point by clicking the green button. You will be asked to confirm the action.

It’s important to do so in order to signal to your line manager that the issue has been rectified. Without this step you are limited to a maximum of 10 unresolved items.

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