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The Charlie approach to running a review

A method that leads to growth and development

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From our research, the environments where growth and development happen are where meaningful development conversations can take place. These conversations need to be happening frequently and should be consistently high quality, regardless of the manager who is leading it - we built Charlie Reviews with this in mind.

To ensure that all team members can have a review conversation that is informed, productive and meaningful we support the following steps:

  1. Reviewee prepares and shares the answers to the review questions

  2. Reviewer prepares and shares the answers to the review questions

  3. Both participants meet to discuss and Reviewer submits summary of meeting on Charlie

It may seem strange to let people see their feedback before their review but it actually results in a much better discussion. By letting people digest their feedback in private first, their emotional response is out of the way and their discussion will go a lot smoother!

We highly recommend that teams follow this approach where reviewers share their feedback before a meeting but do understand that this is not how some organisations will want to use Reviews.

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