Note: Only Admins and Super Admins can view and use templates

Charlie templates are templates that our HR Advice team have written for you to use. With their best-practice expertise, you can get your review process up and running ASAP.

You can view all of these on the Templates tab.

What templates have you got? When should you use them?

There’s two categories of reviews that we’ve written templates for:

  1. Employee lifecycle events

  2. General growth & development 

Employee lifecycle templates

Probation Review

  • Use this template to give new joiners feedback on their progress and update them on your probation decision.

  • Here’s how we suggest running a Probation Review on Charlie

Exit Interview

  • Use this to gain valuable insights from people who leave your company.

  • We suggest setting up an Exit Interview review with each leaver on their last day (you’ll get more honest feedback if they don’t have to come back in to work after giving some potentially harsh feedback)

General growth & development templates


  • This template uses a very simple technique for giving feedback. 

  • Use this template when you’re just starting off, to get their team used to giving and receiving feedback.

  • We would suggest doing this at least once a quarter.

Company values

  • Use this template to help you understand how well your team embodies your company values (this require you to have predefined company values)

  • We would suggest doing if your company values are newly introduced or if embodying company values is your primary agenda.

Check in

  • Use this template to check in on the progress people are making and give them feedback on their overall development.

  • We suggest using this one to check in with people at the end of each quarter.

You can adjust a Charlie template to add or remove questions

Step 1: Navigate to the Templates tab in the Reviews section
Step 2: Click the blue ‘New template button’
Step 3: Select which Charlie template you’d like to use as a starting point
Step 4: Give your new template a name and a short description
Step 5: Preview which type of template it is (2 way vs. 1 way feedback)
Step 6: Edit the existing questions and add any new ones
Step 7: Have one last look before you save it

Once you save your template, it will be available to all Admins and Super Admins to use in a new review cycle. You can always edit your template later on if needed.

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