Understand your holiday allowance in Charlie
Easily view your time off allowance on your Time tab.
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Need to check your time off allowance? You can view your allowance, your approved days, pending and how many days you have left to use on your Time tab in Charlie.

You can also view any carryover, manual adjustments or pro rated adjustments.

  • Click the 'Time' section on the side navigation. It will show you an overview of your allowance, your upcoming leave as well as any pending or historical leave

    • note: you can also view this information on the time tab of your profile.

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  • You will be able to see on the right hand side how many days you've had approved, how many days are pending, and how many remaining days of holiday you have.

  • In the grey box you will see your total allowance, selecting 'see calculation' will show any adjustments made to your allowance such as starting part way through the year or any manual adjustments made by your company such as TOIL days for example.

  • Upcoming holiday: any holiday you have for the rest of the year will show in the Time Off card under ‘Upcoming Time Off’.

  • Past holiday: holiday you have already booked and taken will appear under "past events in this period" below your upcoming time off section.

    Note: If your company counts national holidays as part of your allowance, remember to include those when checking your total is correct

    Think your holiday allowance may be incorrect?

  • Did you start at your company or are leaving mid way through the year? Our article on how pro-rated leave is calculated might help!

  • Do you work part time? Check that your working week is set according to your working days by going to your employment tab of your profile and scrolling down to your working week.

    Tip: Use the arrows at the top of the time tab of your profile to toggle between leave years.

    You can view your previous holiday year, allowance and holiday taken. You can also view your upcoming leave year and any holidays already booked.

    If your allowance still seems incorrect, speak to your company super admin/ admin/ line manager or reach out to us via live chat and we'll be happy to help!

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