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Adding notes to candidate profiles
Adding notes to candidate profiles

Take a look at the notes feature on Recruit, and learn how you can add your thoughts or any important information to candidate profiles

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When hiring candidates, its inevitable that you will have notes and thoughts on their performance throughout the process, and with Recruit you can keep these notes all in one place so they are easily accessible alongside the candidate, rather than keeping them in a document separate to Recruit.

A general note can be added by heading to the candidate's profile in your candidate database, and you'll find the text box for these over on the right hand side of their profile. You can also open the candidate's profile from the job kanban - adding a note from here will show the job title beside the note. This is super helpful in terms of knowing whether the note is in regards to their application for a job role, or just a general note on the candidate themselves.
Once a note is saved, this will be stored under the 'Notes' tab on their profile. You can also choose to make a note private, meaning only you will be able to see it.

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