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Add a CV to a Candidate Profile
Add a CV to a Candidate Profile

For those candidates you add manually, learn how to add their CV to their profile

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Written by Sophie Wilkinson
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Whilst the majority of your candidates will come through to recruit via applications that pull all their information through, you may have the odd few candidates that you have manually added to your database, either through them sending an email direct to your hiring team to apply, or perhaps you meet a potential candidate at a networking event. However these candidates come to you, you'll want to add their CV to their profile to easily view it, so let us show you how to do this.

If you head to your candidate database on Charlie Recruit, and tap on any candidate that does not currently have a CV on their profile, simply tap on 'CV Actions' and 'Add CV' when viewing their profile, and this will open your files so you can select the CV you'd like to upload.

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