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Collecting a portfolio from candidates
Collecting a portfolio from candidates

Learn how candidates can attach portfolios or examples of work in their application

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Depending on the kind of role you are hiring for, you may need to see a portfolio from candidates to help with your decision making process, so as to view their previous work.

When a candidate is completing their application through the apply link, they will have the option to upload additional files or link a website where their portfolio can be found. These fields are optional, so we would recommend including in your job description that this is a requirement.

Alternatively, if you prefer to have portfolio's emailed to you, you can add files to a candidate profile by heading to your candidate database, tapping on the relevant candidate, and on the right hand side of their profile, tap Info & Docs, and from here you can add a document from your files.
You can also use the note feature here to add a link to a web portfolio, which will be saved to the candidate's profile.

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