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Import Candidates

How to import candidates directly into your hiring journey on Charlie Recruit

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Note: Candidates that have already been imported to Charlie Recruit will be flagged as duplicates.

You are able to add individual candidates as well as create new job listings through most pages of Charlie Recruit, by clicking the "+" symbol in the top righthand corner.

To add candidates in bulk, click the "Candidates" section on the lefthand side menu, and you will be sent to the Candidate homepage where you can use the Import Candidates function.

This function allows you to import candidates in bulk by using a .zip folder of CVs, or by selecting your CVs once the upload dialogue box appears.

To do this:

  1. Click "Import Candidates"

  2. Select if you will be uploading a .zip file or individual CVs

  3. Select the files you will be uploading once the upload dialog box appears

  4. Once Charlie Recruit has processed all the files click "upload"

  5. Correct any mistakes flagged by Charlie Recruit

  6. And click "Import"

Just like that you are all done!

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