Importing your Time Off Calendar to iCal

Sync time off data from Charlie into your calendar tool for super easy access

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You can easily keep on top of your team, office or companies time off data by directly importing this into your everyday calendar tool. This integration uses a custom URL that is imported into iCal!

Note: The calendar integration works in 6 month increments- so only holiday within the past 6 months and the upcoming 6 months appears in your calendar.

Generating the URL link

From the Time Off page:

  1. Click 'Time' in the side navigation

  2. Select 'Sync Calendar' button on the top right hand side

  3. Select whose time off data you're looking to see from the options

  4. Copy the link for your Company data

For admins or super admins: If you're looking to import this for all team members in the company:

  1. Head to your 'Integrations' in the side navigation

  2. Click on Calendar

  3. Select 'Activate calendar integration'

  4. Copy the URL of your whole company's time off calendar.

Adding the URL to iCal

  1. go to File (on the top navigation bar).

  2. Select New Calendar Subscription.

  3. Paste your Charlie link.

  4. Name it, save it and your done.

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