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Store and track Goals in Charlie
Store and track Goals in Charlie

Check out our new Goals feature to help you track, store, and manage reporting

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You can now set clear, actionable goals in Charlie to help you deliver on individual and company objectives, while driving your professional development.

Any team member can set their own individual goals, while line managers (for their direct reports) and admins/super admins have clear oversight on goals across the organisation.

For team members: set & update your goals

All team members can create, edit or delete goals from the new goals page.

The goals page can easily be accessed from the Grow tab on the lefthand side -> Goals.

You can add as many goals as you like- there's no limit!

Though it’s valuable to not set too many, in order to keep them achievable.

Each goal needs to include:

  • Title: A short, sweet articulation of the goal itself

  • Description: A space to describe the goal in more depth, as well as additional context such as why it was set, how you expect to achieve it, and by what date.

    • We will automatically include include the date at which it was created

You can also list as many sub-goals for every goal you create!

Note: Your line manager and any company admins/super admins will have access to your goals in CharlieHR

Viewing your direct report's or company's goals

Note - only admins and super admins can see everyone's goals. Line managers are able to see their direct reports' goals.

Head to the Grow tab on the lefthand side -> Goals

You can click on My Reports' Goals for all team members you line manage and every other team member can be found under Everyone's Goals as an admin/super admin.

To view their goals simply expand each section to see the individual goals listed

Have questions? Reach out to us at [email protected] or via livechat :)

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