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Enable the Work from Home feature in CharlieHR
Enable the Work from Home feature in CharlieHR

Enable/disable the ability to request Work from Home days for your company.

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Note: Only super admins and admins can do this.

If your company has a work from home policy, enable the work from home feature in CharlieHR for team members to request and record their work from home days. If your company policy changes, you are able to disable the work from home feature at any time.

  • Expand the Time Section on the lefthand side

  • Click on the Settings tabTab

  • Scroll down to Work from Home section within the settings

  • Enable/Disable Work from Home

Have a lot of employees who will be using working from home often? You are also able to set Work from Home requests to be auto-approved so line managers/team leads/admins/super admins do not need to manually approve each request. Just select the pencil icon next to the work from home section and turn on auto-approval.

You are not able to restrict the usage for work from home request for your company, but you are able to report on work from home usage for your team members by pulling the Time Off usage report.

Note: It's not currently possible to enable a "Work from the Office" option within Charlie.

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