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Troubleshooting Teamtailor integration

When to expect a candidate to transfer to CharlieHR and how to resolve integration issues

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When does a candidate move to CharlieHR?

When a candidate is set as Hired (moved to Hired inbox), they are ready to get transferred to CharlieHR:

  • If a 'Transfer to Charlie' field is set up and you have filled it with a date, the candidate will be transferred as a new Team Member in CharlieHR at the specified date in 'Transfer to Charlie' feild.

  • If the custom field is not created or if it is blank, the Team Member will be created immediately. Please note that from the time the Team Member is created, it will count towards that month's bill, even if the start date for the team member is not in that billing period.

What if a hired candidate doesn’t get added in CharlieHR?

There are a few things you need to check for:

Note: Charlie syncs with Workable every hour on the hour, so if you've just added a new candidate but they aren't showing up just wait until the next sync!

  1. If the 'Transfer to Charlie' date is filled for that candidate on Teamtailor, check if the date has already arrived. If the 'Transfer to Charlie' is set for a date in the future, the hired candidate will only be added to CharlieHR as a Team Member at that date.

  2. We only transfer candidates in Teamtailor who have been moved to the inbox 'Hired'. Make sure the relevant candidate is marked as Hired.

  3. Make sure the hired candidate has all the necessary details. For the transaction to be successful these fields need to be filled on Teamtailor: First name, Last name and Email address.

  4. Make sure no Team Member already exists in CharlieHR with the same Personal email address.

  5. If the API key related to CharlieHR is deleted from Teamtailor, the authentication will fail and the Teamtailor integration will be disconnected. You'll need to check the API key related to CharlieHR on Teamtailor and make sure it matches the Access Token entered on CharlieHR (Follow the steps in the Setting the integration up in CharlieHR section in this article).

I can not connect Teamtailor integration in CharlieHR. Why?

Make sure you carefully follow the the steps in the Setting the integration up in CharlieHR section in this article:

  • You need to use the API Key in Teamtailor that you created for CharlieHR. There may be other API keys in your Teamtailor account that use for other integrations.

Can I exclude candidates from being added to CharlieHR?

At the moment, we don't have any option to exclude hired candidates from getting created in CharlieHR as Team Members.

Any other questions? email us at [email protected] or use our livechat.

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