How to populate custom cards on team member profiles πŸ“

Learn how to fill in custom cards on your profile or for another team member!

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Custom cards are a great place to let your HR leads know important bits of information that they need to collect. As a team member you can directly fill this information in when prompted or an account admin can also do this on your behalf.

To populate a custom card on your profile:

  1. Navigate to 'Your Profile'

  2. Click on 'Personal Details'

  3. Scroll towards the bottom where you will find a section titled 'Other Information'

  4. Click on 'Add new information'

  5. Choose a card from the Information Type dropdown menu

  6. Click 'Next'

  7. Fill in the information

  8. All done!

To populate custom cards on behalf of a team member:

  1. Click on 'People' in the lefthand navigation

  2. Select any team member and head to their Personal Details tab

  3. Click on 'Add new information'

  4. Choose a card from the Information Type dropdown menu

  5. Click 'Next'

  6. Fill in the information

  7. All done!

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