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Deleting individual teammates and their data
Deleting individual teammates and their data
How to delete, rather than archive an individual user
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When a new person is added to Charlie, they are created as an individual user, with information relating to that user stored on our database.

When a team member leaves their business, you should archive their account. This will deactivate their access to CharlieHR, while retaining the data stored for your records, and if they ever rejoin your business.

However, there may be instances in which they request that their data is fully deleted.

Requesting a permanent deletion of a team member's record

If you would like your individual record to be deleted, you're welcome to ask your company to remove your details from our system on your behalf - as per our contracts - we are providing a service on their behalf and so are unable to remove your information purely on your request.

If you are a super admin and would like to request a deletion of an individual user within your account, please contact us at [email protected] or reach out to our support via live chat with the full name and login email of the user you would like deleted. Please be aware this is a full, irrevocable deletion.

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