Managing cancellation of time off requests

Learn here how to set up reviewing cancellation requests for your team members' time off

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If you want more control over how your team can cancel previously approved holiday bookings, we recommend you use the following setting: time off cancellation approval.

With this setting, you can require holiday cancellations to need to be reviewed and confirmed by managers - in the same way new time off bookings are.

Note: this setting won't (necessarily) apply to all your team members. Any team members whose holiday is auto-approved or who are Super Admins/ Admins can cancel their holiday without a review- even with this setting turned on. 

To enable time off cancellation approval:

  1. Expand the 'Time' section in the side navigation

  2. Click on the 'Settings'

  3. Scroll down to 'Cancellation Requests'

  4. Switch the toggle on

Now most of your team members will need their time off approver to review and confirm their holiday cancellations. 

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