Note: Only Admins and Super Admins can do this

Templates help you standardise your review process. They contain prep questions that participants answer before their review meeting, ensuring productive meetings where everyone has prepared.

You can use Charlie templates or create your own. This article will walk you through how to create your own.

Step 1: Navigate to the Templates tab in the Reviews section
Step 2: Click the blue ‘New template button’
Step 3: Select ‘Start from scratch’ in step 1
Step 4: Give your new template a name and a short description
Step 5: Select which type of template you want to create

  • A 2 way feedback template includes questions for both participants,. It requires self-evaluation from reviewees and preparation from reviewers - we recommend using this for any performance related reviews. 

  • A 1 way feedback template is for any review where you only need 1 participant to prepare before their review meeting e.g. an Exit Interview.

Step 6: Add your questions
Step 7: Have one last look before you save it

Once you save your template, it will be available to all Admins and Super Admins to use in a new review cycle. You can always edit your template later on if needed.

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