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Storing candidates for future hiring rounds
Storing candidates for future hiring rounds

In Recruit, you can keep a talent pool of candidates who weren't quite right for the role they applied for, but may be suitable in future

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When hiring for a role, it's inevitable that you will receive lots of applications from promising candidates, and unfortunately they can't all be selected for a single role.

The good news is that any candidates who apply for a role through recruit, or who are manually added directly onto the system, will be automatically stored under the Candidates tab, showing their name, the date they were added to the database, their location, as well as a snapshot of their skills.

If you later create a job that you feel any candidates would be suitable for, you can add them to the job easily by tapping the three dots at the end of their row, and choosing the option to add them.

From the Candidates screen, you can also download a candidate's CV, as well as delete them from the database if need be.

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