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Creating and applying contract templates
Creating and applying contract templates

How to create and apply a contract template in Recruit

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Creating a contract template

Contract templates are customisable templates which can be used to send contracts to successful candidates. You can view, edit and delete your existing contract templates, and create new ones, within the Settings section of Recruit.

To create a new contract template:

  • In Recruit, go to Settings (the cog icon) and select 'Contract Templates' under the 'Recruitment' heading

  • Click 'Create Template'

  • Upload the contract document you want to use for your template and enter a template title

  • Add a single or multiple roles of those who will need to sign the contract within your organisation

Once done, you will then have the option to customise your template, inserting fields to be completed as required. This includes:

  • Signature

  • Initials

  • Date signed

  • Full name

  • Email address

  • Company name

  • Title

You also have the option to add additional fields, including:

  • Textbox

  • Tickbox

  • Drop-down

  • Radio group

Once done, click 'Save template' - your contract template will then be visible to be used in correspondence with candidates.

How do I apply my contract template?

You can apply a contract template once a candidate is moved to the 'Offer' stage of the candidate pipeline.

To apply a contract template, click the 'Create Contract' button within the candidate's profile - from here you can select 'Use a template'.

Once selected, you then have the option to choose the relevant template, set the contract title, assign signatories, and customise a message to signers.

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