How CharlieHR billing works

How your invoice is calculated, how payment is taken and where to access this information in your account.

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Note: Only super admins and admins can access the Billing page.

Your monthly invoice depends on the size of your company at the time the bill is issued. To see our pricing brackets, head here.

For example if your invoice is generated on the 15th of November, your invoice will cover the total number of users on your account from the 15th of October-15th of November (including anyone who you archived during this period- they will then be removed from the next invoice).

You can see how many users are contributing to your next invoice, your next invoice billing date and how much the invoice will be for by:

  • Clicking on the Company tab

  • Click on Settings

  • Click on the Billing

Have any other pricing questions or need assistance? Just reach out via livechat or [email protected]

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