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Slack Integration

Integrate CharlieHR and your company Slack for daily updates and notifications

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Only admins and super admins can set up the slack integration.

Use Charlie's Slack Integration to send daily digest to keep your team up to date with daily digest notifications every working day, keep your admins in the loop with private channel log notifications, and automate your onboarding process by letting Charlie invite your team members to Slack automatically!

Note: Slack notifications only appear if there is something happening at your company, if there's nothing going on or it's a quiet day with everyone working you won't receive a notification that morning.

How to integrate Charlie and Slack:

  • Click on the Integrations tab on the lefthand side

  • Click on 'Slack'

  • Under 'Connect your Slack Account' click 'Enable' next to Slack Bot

  • You will be redirected to Slack where you can follow the final steps to set up your Slack bot integration

  • Done!

You will see two options for channels and notifications once Slack is connected private and public.

Private channel:

Basically a log of all things happening within your company Charlie account.

You just select the private channel you want these notifications to feed into, and once set up channel members can see all things happening within your Charlie account.

You aren't able to select specific notifications for a private channel, so make sure only the appropriate team members have access via Slack!

Public Channel:

How Slack Daily Digest works: Charlie sends a snapshot of what's happening in your business into Slack every morning. Notifications can include: who's away, who's sick, key dates and birthday reminders, so you're always in the loop.

To set up your Public channel notifications:

  • Head to the your Slack integration page

    • Integrations tab->slack

  • Scroll down to the Public Channel section

  • Select the channel you want your Charlie notifications to appear in from the drop down list

  • Select the notifications you want to include

    • We recommend the ones under the Slack Digest section, but you can opt to include any or all fields you'd like

    • If you want to enable shout-outs in your slack integration be sure to tick the notification box for 'shout-outs'

    • If you want to enable working locations in your slack integration be sure to tick the notification box for 'working locations today' under Slack Digest.

  • Click 'Save Changes'

  • Done!


What time do the Slack daily digest notifications come through?
They come through at 9am GMT or during daylight savings (March-Oct) 8am BST

Is it possible to change the time these notifications come through?

It's not currently possible to customise the notification timing for the Slack daily digest

Can I set up Slack to notify specific line managers or team leads only?
No, the Slack integration only sends daily digest notifications to a public channel of your choosing.

Why are no notifications coming through to Slack?

Check what notifications you have selected on your Slack integration page, if nothing is happening today at your company that matches the selected notifications, you won't receive a notification for that day.

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