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Show your appreciation and celebrate each other on Charlie now!

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Shout-outs allow you to show your appreciation for your teammates and acknowledge their contributions on Charlie. All team members can give a shout-out to anyone across your account! Once the shout-out has been shared it is posted to your public board within Charlie for everyone to read.

When a team member receives a shout out, Charlie sends them an email letting them they were shouted-out.

You can also set up your Slack integration to pull through shout-outs to share in your public slack channel.

To give a shout-out πŸ“£

  1. Click the create shout-out button on your dashboard

  2. Select a colleague to shout-out and add a message

  3. Click submit

This will post your shout-out to the company feed, the team member tagged in the shout out will then receive an email notification to let them know!

View shout-outs πŸ“£

To view shout-outs click the β€˜All shout-outs’ link on the dashboard to be directed to the shout-outs feed.

Note: It's not possible to delete a shout out once shared

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