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Integrate CharlieHR with selected Apps
Integrate CharlieHR with selected Apps

Step by step guide on how you can generate your API keys and integrate CharlieHR with selected applications to transfer data seamlessly

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You can now integrate with selected applications on CharlieHR!

Admins and Super Admins can generate unique API keys for their company and use them to integrate with other applications. You will need to follow the other application's instructions and provide the API keys when asked for.

Generating API keys

Generate API keys with these quick steps:

  1. Expand 'Company' from the side navigation

  2. Click on 'Integrations'

  3. Click on the tab 'API Access'

  4. Navigate to the box on the right, with the headline 'Your API Keys'

  5. Follow the instructions and Generate the Keys. You will be provided with a Client ID and a Client Secret

  6. Copy the Client ID and the Client Secret somewhere safe

Once you have the keys, head over to the other application!

You will need to follow their instructions and provide the Client ID and the Client Secret when they ask for it. Please keep in mind that for any issue with the integration you will need to contact their support.

Note- You will need to copy your API keys and save them outside of Charlie, your key is only showed once and then only **** will be displayed. If you try to later copy and paste the *** into your integration you will get an error.

Applications that CharlieHR can integrate with

Want to check out what other applications CharlieHR can be integrated with?

  1. Expand Company from the side navigation

  2. Go to the Integrations tab

Here you can see the list of applications that CharlieHR has integration with at the moment.

Let us know if there is any other application that you are eager to appear on the list through the Live Chat!

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