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How to upload your own company handbook to Charlie

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Make Charlie the home for your handbook.

What is a handbook?

A handbook is a living document for your policies and processes. It codifies your culture by sharing ‘the agreed do’s & don'ts of your business’. A great handbook gives your team clarity on how your company operates, supports alignment across your whole business and makes onboarding new starters much easier.

Read more about what makes a great handbook and what to include here

Why store your handbook in Charlie?

Storing your handbook in Charlies means that the policies and processes documented can be kept front of mind by everybody in the business. With everything in one place, your team can easily find your handbook, as it's just one click away. We've designed handbooks so that they can be something that you can be really proud to present to your team, by making them beautiful, clear and easy to navigate.

How to start creating your handbook

Expand the Company section from your side navigation-> Click on Handbook and Policies . There you will be able to see a preview of a demo handbook and learn more about how our HR advice service supports businesses in creating bespoke handbooks.

To create your own handbook click I'll make it myself .

After clicking through the informational pop ups you will land on a page as below where we have shared some tips and content to help you get started.

How do handbooks work in Charlie?

Handbooks in Charlie comprise of chapters and pages - to help you start making your handbook we have created a first chapter and a first page which you can edit.

Chapters are the main groupings for your handbook policies, within chapters you can create your pages, where your content will live. Chapters have a title, summary and a position number which allows you re-order your chapters.

Pages detail your specific policies or processes. They comprise of a title and summary, included in the chapter card, alongside the cover image and content.They also have a chapter which they belong to and a page position within each chapter

To add a new chapter click on the Add new chapter button on the top right corner and fill out the chapter details.

Make changes to your chapter - adding a page, editing the details, publishing or deleting - by selecting the Chapter actions dropdown'

When adding a new page you will need to fill out all the page details and when saving the page it will be initially saved as a draft - this means it will only be viewable by other Admins or Super Admins.

To make edits to your pages, click through on them from the handbook tab and select from the Page actions drop down.

Making your handbook visible to your team

In order to make your handbook pages visible to all your team you will need to publish both the page and the chapter that the page is within. You will be able to do this from selecting Publish page from the Page actions drop down and Publish chapter from the Chapter actions drop down (as shown above).

Getting support to create or improve your handbook

If you want to understand how our HR service could help you review or create your handbook, book in a 15 minute consultation.

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