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Change permission levels
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Note: Only Super Admins can do this.

Need to make a team member an admin or super admin? Easily edit your team member's permission levels on their profiles in Charlie.

To change one team member's permission level:

  1. Head to their profile.

  2. Select Settings in the tab menu.

  3. In the Team Member section, click on 'Change permissions'.

  4. Select their new permission level and click 'Review change'.

  5. After checking you're happy with what this allows, confirm the change in permission level.

Need to make permission changes to more than one team member?

  1. Expand the People tab on the lefthand side

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Permissions

  4. Select the Role you are interested in and open the list of people the role is currently assigned to.

  5. You can select the individual you want to change their permissions and click update


    Need to set a Line Manager? Check out our article on how to set or change a line manager!

    Not sure which permission to assign to a team member? Click here for a detailed side by side permission breakdown table!

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