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Charlie's HR Advice Service

Learn how our HR service can support your business.

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HR Advice is a bespoke support service that helps small companies and startups achieve their People goals.

Who: CIPD Level 7 Qualified Advisors

You'll get to tap into industry-leading expertise by phone, email or live chat (and without making a full-time hire). Our advisors are CIPD Level 7 qualified and so are able to give you a range of advice to keep you legally compliant as well as best practise and industry standard. They have knowledge of a wealth of companies and different industries thereby able to tell you what is commonly practised in your field. And not only that, you can expect an average response time of 1 hour via live chat!

What you can expect from the service

  • Regular check-ins where we understand your business & HR needs, to craft the culture your team needs to thrive.

  • Unlimited support when you need it most, via live chat, email or phone.

  • A full company handbook – storable in our software – with all the policies you need to scale and support your team.

  • Review and creation of your employment contracts to reflect your current ways of working.

  • Assessing and improving your onboarding & offboarding processes.

  • Guarantee to stay compliant with an annual audit to keep up with legislation


  • Benchmarking information regarding company policies to stay highly competitive in the job market.

    And more!


Is support actually unlimited?

Yes, it really is unlimited. You can get in touch with your advisor as often as you need to – by either email, live chat or phone.

What kind of companies use HR Advice?

The companies that use HR Advice are usually between 5-50 employees and work in tech, SaaS or creative sectors, but many others work in e-commerce, recruitment or other professional services.

Am I tied into a long-term contract?

Nope. You can cancel your HR Advice plan anytime you like – just give us 30 days’ notice.

How much does HR Advice cost?

For companies smaller than 10 team members, HR Advice costs £179 + VAT per month.

For teams bigger than that, it’s £299 + VAT.

“We can save you time, money and resources." Book in a call to discuss our HR advice service.

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