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Automate your company's end of year holiday carryover policy
Automate your company's end of year holiday carryover policy

Understand your team members allowance usage and set your company carryover policy in Charlie with our Carryover Report

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At the end of your holiday year, you need to make sure your Time Off settings are correct for the next one.

There are three steps to to prepare next year's time off for your team:

  1. Set or check your carryover limit - the amount of holiday you allow to be rolled into next year's allowance

  2. Check your carryover report - identify any team members with too much leave remaining

  3. Make any changes to next year's allowance in advance - Make any necessary adjustments to your team's upcoming allowances in advance.

Set your carryover policy in Charlie

Carryover means that unused days are carried over and added to the following year's new holiday allowance.

This can be set as:

  1. Zero - Any unused holiday at the end of the year is lost

  2. A fixed number of days - Any remaining allowance up to this limit will be added to next year's allowance automatically. Any days over this fixed limit will be lost

  3. All unused days - This means that all holiday allowance a team member has remaining at the end of your leave year will be added to the next, in addition to their standard allowance

Note: It's not not possible to automatically set carryover days to expire after a fixed number of months. Read our suggested workaround here

View your carryover report

The carryover report provides an overview of your team's outstanding allowance for the current holiday year, alongside current estimations of next year's allowance and the amount of holiday being carried over. This report is always a projection when looking at the current year, as a team member's allowance can change until the end of the leave year.

Here are a few things to check for when reading your report:

  • Those with lots of carryover - keep an eye on any of your team who are regularly rolling over holiday each year. You may want to prompt them to book more leave throughout the year

  • Team members whose remaining holiday exceeds your company carryover limit. You may want to prompt them to book that leave this year.

  • Team members who have exceeded their allowance - Charlie won't automatically deduct days from next year's allowance, but do check anyone who has used more holiday than their allowance has done so in line with your company policy

  • Whether your carryover policy is generous enough - if a large number of your team have more remaining holiday than your policy allows, it may be worth considering if your allowance is appropriate.

Make adjustments to next year's allowance

You can use the carryover report to adjust next year's holiday allowance in advance when needed, for example if anyone is eligible for additional carryover beyond company policy based on exceptional circumstances.

When making these changes, you can add info on the type of adjustment you are making, and any additional notes for context. For example, if a team member was allowed to roll over more holiday than your standard company policy, you could record this here.

You can use holiday policies to manage increased allowances based on length of service. Read our guide on how to do so here

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