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What are Perks?
What are Perks?
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Perks on Charlie are powered by Perks at Work. 

Perks is designed to help you find things that matter most to you; from employee pricing at your favourite brands, to exclusive programmes and events.

With Perks:

  • Get exclusive discounts and rewards at over 30,000 brands

  • Earn “WOWPoints” as you shop- then spend them like cash or cash them out 

  • Enjoy up to 55% off cinema tickets 

  • Save on supermarket and high street shopping, worldwide travel, and event tickets

  • Personalised suggestions, tailored to you

  • Share deals and discounts with up to 10 of your friends and family

  • Get all of this completely free. Your Perks package is included in the price your company currently pay for Charlie.

Your team can access your Perks in 3 easy steps. Simply log into Charlie, select Perks and follow the “Go to perks” button. This will take them to the Perks platform.

Perks will be available to all team members on your account. The perks are UK-focused right now, so although people outside the UK can access them only a limited number of deals and discounts will be relevant. 

Team members will also be able to share deals and discounts with up 10 of their friends and family members.

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