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Hiring in multiple locations
Hiring in multiple locations

If you have a remote workforce and don't have a set location for a role, learn the best practice for carrying this out in Recruit

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As more and more businesses transition to remote working, with some doing this on a global level, you may find you are recruiting for a role that does not require a specific location, and so you'd like to open the role out to applicants from multiple locations.

We would recommend creating your job description for this role, and then duplicating it, so you have a job created for each individual location (of course you can then go in and edit each job to ensure its accurate for the location). We'd also recommend including the location in the job title - this way, as applicants are moving through the process, you'll know which location they are applying for.

To duplicate a job, simply head to your Jobs tab, and tap on the three dots at the end of the row for the relevant job, and select 'Duplicate'. You can then tap into the duplicate job and make any necessary changes.

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