Change a Team Member's Time Off Allowance

Easily increase or decrease your team member's allowance in CharlieHR.

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Note: Super Admins/Admins/ Line Managers/ Team leads can update allowances.

Your team time's off allowance might change during a leave year. You can easily update their allowance whether that is changing their entire policy e.g. if they're making a move out of the country or if they need to get that extra day in lieu.

You can make a change to a team member's time off allowance in two ways:

  • Make a long term change by assigning a new holiday policy

  • A one off manual adjustment

Assigning a new time off policy to a team member

  • Navigate to the team member's Profile

  • Click on the 'Time Tab'

  • Select 'Assign Different Policy'

  • Set Policy and Effect Date from and hit Update!

  • All done!

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One off adjustments

Edit an individual team member's time off allowance:

  • Navigate to the team member's Profile

  • Click on the 'Time Tab'

  • Navigate to the 'Total Allowances' section on the righthand side

  • Click on Adjust Allowance

  • Select if its an increase or a decrease

  • Enter the amount of days

  • Enter the 'Type of Adjustment'

  • Add any notes

  • Click 'Save' to confirm your changes

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Need to check if your allowance or your team member's allowance is correct? Check out this article that explains how to check your time off allowance.

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