Pro rated leave for a new starter

Super admins/admins/team leads can onboard a new starter in Charlie and if a start date was entered for your new starter during the onboarding process Charlie will automatically pro rate their holiday based on that start date.

The calculation is based on the number of days that employee will actually work, based on the given start date as a proportion of the number of days they would have worked had they been with the company for the full leave year as well as their working week (if they work a full week or are part time).

days remaining in the year/total days in the year*company default leave*working day proportion

Charlie will show the team member’s adjusted holiday allowance on the team member’s Time tab in their profile.

Pro rated leave for someone leaving:

When a team member is offboarded by an admin or super admin in Charlie, their pro rated holiday will be displayed on the Time tab of their profile. An offboarded employee’s holiday allowance is calculated as:

default allowance*(days they worked in the year/365) = pro rated allowance +/- any manual adjustments

Manual adjustments are intentionally added or subtracted on top of the pro rated allowance. This is because manual adjustments are not considered part of that team member’s base allowance, but rather a specific, one-off adjustment such as TOIL or carryover days.

Need to check a team member's allowance without actually offboarding them?

You can use our Holiday Calculator here!

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