Note: Only Super Admins/Admins can do this.

Custom cards are great for storing any information or data that does not fit within the default fields in Charlie. Card data can be uploaded by an employee themselves on on their behalf, and included in custom reports.

Note: This article covers how to create team member custom cards. Read this article on how to add these at an office or company wide level.

Creating card templates

To use custom cards, you first need to create a custom card type and set your permission level. To do so, expand the Company Section on the lefthand side-> Click on Settings-> Click the Information tab on the Settings page.

To create a custom card template, you need to name the card, set the card type and choose the permission level. You only need to create a template once, the custom card will then be available to use across all team members' profiles.

Pro Tip: Deselecting the final permission option is useful when storing internal information such as payroll or pension numbers that employees themselves don't need to see

You can always edit the permission of a custom card from the same menu, even after data is added.

Content type:

  • Text: A standard free text box for notes, lists or short blocks of text

  • Number: Perfect for a single piece of data such as an equipment serial number

  • Checklist: When populated this card can contain a list of checkboxes & status for each item.

Adding a card to a team member's profile

Once you've created a card template, the card can be added and populated to a team member's profile. Depending on the kind of information you plan to upload, this can either be added by the employee themselves or on their behalf by any user with the appropriate permission level

To add a card, click to Details on a team member's profile > Personal Details Tab

Then select the card type you're looking to add. You can also create card templates directly from a team member's profile

Reporting on Custom Cards

Any information stored on custom cards isn't just stuck on a team member's profile. You can include custom card data in your own saved reports.

To include custom card data in reports, got to Reports > Create A New Report. Select team member as the type of report, then simply click on the names of each custom card you want to include, alongside any default fields such as name or email address.

Pro Tip: Adding custom cards to a report is a great way to see if custom card data is missing for any team members. The data will show as missing for those people:

Note: The checklist custom card is not able to be pulled into a custom report.

What’s next?

  • Direct new starters to populate custom cards from onboarding checklists

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