How to set up a recurring review cycle

What to do when your reviews repeat at a regular cadence

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Note: Only Admins and Super Admins are able to do this

We believe that it is incredibly important that the meaningful development conversations that take place within an organisation happen frequently. And we know that many organisations want to set up a review process that allows these more formal review conversations to happen regularly. 

To support this we have made it incredibly simple to be reminded to set up a review cycle. As you can see below - on the fifth step of creating a review cycle - you can toggle on the notification and set the date for a reminder email.

On the date that you have specified, you will receive the a reminder email. By clicking on ‘Re-run your review cycle’ you will be taken to create a review cycle with the steps pre-filled out. To re-run your review cycle just click ‘Next’ through the flow, remember to update the review cycle start/end date and the title. 

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