Note: Only Admins and Super Admins can view, edit, and create templates

Templates help you standardise your reviews process. They contain prep questions that participants answer before their review meeting, ensuring productive meetings where everyone has prepared.

For each cycle, you’ll select one template that will apply to every review in that cycle. You can use Charlie templates or create your own from scratch.

What question formats are available?

All questions will be accompanied with a text box for people’s answers. There are no multiple choice or rating scale options.

Okay, so how do I get started?

When you are ready to create a review cycle, you will select the template you want to use and then set up your cycle. Once that cycle starts, participants will be able to start answering the prep questions from the template you chose. 

Tip: We've included our own pre built templates, based on our HR advisor's best practice expertise. Read more about these here

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