Employee Engagement Surveys 1.0: The Old Way

Employee engagement surveys are nothing new, but how they’re run is often out of touch with current research findings. 

These kinds of surveys typically end up being long and only sent round once a year. As a result, they struggle with low response rates (research suggests 30%) and high incompletion (20% for surveys that take more than 7-8 minutes to complete). 

And this yearly thing? A year is a long time in the world of work (and life)! We’re sure there’s a smarter way to stay in tune with your organization than using one annual data point. 

So in our quest to help companies build a great place to work, Charlie (and the research out there) is advocating…

Employee Engagement Surveys 2.0: The Micro-Poll way

The what?

Our Micro-Polls are short, frequent pulse surveys with a maximum of 12 questions focussed around a specific area. We’ll only send 1 question to your team each week. 

Why this way, Charlie? 

  • Continuous information: keep your finger on the pulse weekly, not annually. You’ll know what’s going on in real-time so you can resolve issues as and when they crop up. (Pro-tip: only send out micro-polls if you’re willing and able to take action on your findings)

  • High response rates: it’ll take your team less time to answer the question that it’s taken you to read this sentence so there’s no excuse not to respond

  • A listening ear: it’s important your team always feel listened to - this is an easy and great way to do just that

Simple. Let’s get micro-polling!

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